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The Best Forex Robot So Far This Month

The Reaper Forex Robot is our top choice right now with $68,922 in trades last month. If you're looking for automated software that helps you trade better, you've found it. Turn this forex robot loose on your charts and watch the pips run.

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Reaper Is Finally Available To The Public

Reaper is our latest release for 2014 and it has taken the markets by storm. Very quickly it has become the #1 forex robot of 2014. This forex robot has shown large account gains with huge trades. Quantities are limited and depleting fast.

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Our Forex Robots Will Find Trades For You Automatically

A Forex robot is software that trades a Forex system for you. We've spent years coding our Forex robots to perfection. Give your trading the boost it needs by trying one of them today.

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Latest Forex Robot Trading Results

latest trades
profit last month
profit this year *
Reaper Forex Robot
Our latest forex robot that has everyone talking.
+ $68,922.20
in September 2014
+ $66,816.90
in August
+ $573,414
so far in 2014
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Pterodactyl Forex Robot
The automated version of the Fractal Indicator.
+ $38,579.80
in September 2014
+ $44,961.70
in August
+ $336,046
so far in 2014
Download Steinitz Fractal Pterodactyl Robot
HAS MTF Hedge Forex Robot
Possesses advanced hedging algorithms.
+ $37,924.20
in September 2014
+ $39,150.20
in August
+ $350,127
so far in 2014
Download Steinitz HAS MTF Hedge Robot
HAS MTF Forex Robot
Scans all 8 time frames at once for trades.
+ $36,875.10
in September 2014
+ $43,812.80
in August
+ $312,335
so far in 2014
Download Steinitz HAS MTF Robot
Fractal Breakout Forex Indicator
An indicator with shocking precision.
+ $35,842.20
in September 2014
+ $35,944.50
in August
+ $318,050
so far in 2014
Download Steinitz Fractal Breakout Custom Indicator
WaveRunner Forex Robot
Utilizes advanced Elliott Wave Theory.
+ $29,657.50
in September 2014
+ $28,172.60
in August
+ $229,458
so far in 2014
Download Steinitz WaveRunner Robot
Volatility SAR Forex Robot
Monitors channel breakouts for optimal trades.
+ $25,220.20
in September 2014
+ $24,502.50
in August
+ $230,254
so far in 2014
Download Steinitz Volatility Channel SAR Robot
HAS MTF Directional Forex Robot
Detects huge directional pip movements early.
+ $24,513.80
in September 2014
+ $25,599.90
in August
+ $219,171
so far in 2014
Download Steinitz HAS MTF Directional Robot

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Everybody should experience the benefits of automated Forex trading. That's why we're sending a free Forex robot to anyone who signs up for our helpful weekly newsletter. Simply enter your email address and we'll send you a confirmation of your subscription, plus your free Forex robot.

Best Forex Robot 2013 - Hedge Forex Robot

Thousands Of Traders Use Our Forex Robots Every Day

No other Forex robot developer out there has the experience or the history we do. We've been directly involved in the Forex robot community since it began. For over 7 years we've kept to our personal and professional motto: Provide the best Forex robots on the market without any of the hype.

So how do we ensure each Forex robot is the best it can be? We meticulously develop each and every Forex robot we sell from profitable manual systems we've used for years. Quality is far more important that quantity. That's why we don't release a Forex robot to the public until it has proven itself on our own personal accounts first.

Let's Find The Right Automated Forex Robot For Your Needs

Forex traders of any skill level will benefit from using one of our Forex robots. Each Forex robot has been engineered to trade a complex Forex system without human intervention. All Forex robots come with lifetime support 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Let's get started by finding the best Forex robot for your needs.

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Forex traders that want the most control over their profits will love our Steinitz Fractal Breakout Custom Indicator. This Forex indicator tells you exactly when to enter the market based off of our complex algorithms. Click here to learn more.
Automated Forex Trading

I am looking for fully automatic trading

Our Fractal Pterodactyl Forex Robot will automatically enter and exit trades for you. Imagine always being in the Forex market making trades while you are free to spend time with the family, go to work, and live life. Our most popular product! Click here to learn more.
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We offer several other great Forex robots! For best results your should use two or more Forex robots to diversify your trading and smooth out your equity curve. Put these Forex robots to work for you today! Click here to learn more. is owned by Don Steinitz. All of the material contained herein is protected by international copyright laws, international conventions, and other copyright laws. Any visitor is permitted to store, print, and display content from this web site only for personal use. In no event shall any visitor publish, or otherwise reproduce any part or parts herein, without the express written consent of the owner Don Steinitz Limited use of materials from this web site under the "fair use" doctrine is permitted for search engines, reviews, and similar purposes.

Forex Robot Trader provides professional automated Forex trading solutions. We also offer accurate manual indicator systems. Our Expert Advisers and Forex Trading Robots can trade on your behalf and adapt to market changes. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can use our automated Forex trading robots.