Best Forex Robot August 2015

August 2015 has been a huge month for forex robots. There are piles of quality forex trades just ripe for the taking. And even better, September is typically one of the best trading months of the year. Here’s the current best forex robot list based on actual trading performance.

Most Popular / Trending: The Falcor Forex Robot

The Falcor Forex Robot is one of the most advanced forex robots out there. It was the best performing forex robot in July. The month before that it socked away over $105,315 in pips. It’s the best forex robot for traders that like to have a position open at all times.

Best Forex Robot: Falcor

Falcor uses price action and S&R to find solid trades. It’s the best forex robot out there right now.

Falcor’s logic is sound. It uses price action to find high profit forex trades on your charts. It’s 100% truly automatic and adapts itself to any currency pair. You’d be hard pressed to find a forex robot that’s currently trading better than Falcor. You can view its latest results here.

Biggest Trades: The Reaper Forex Robot

The Reaper Forex Robot has been on a nine month winning streak. It found over $88,971 in pips last month. This month has been no different. Visually it is gorgeous. Clean, solid lines make your charts simple to understand. Plus it’s fully automated and runs on its own.

Best Forex Robot: Reaper

Reaper has made the best forex robot list nine months in a row. Its reliable performance and ease of use are great.

Reaper is based on solid no-gimmick theory. Using breakouts it waits for huge price movements. Sometimes in the realm of 100-200 pips. It’s intelligent, reliable, and a great choice if you want the best forex robot to find larger trades. Checkout its current trading here.

Best Value: The HAS Forex Robot

The HAS Forex Robot has been showing some incredible gains this month. Market conditions have been just right for HAS to dominate most currency pairs. And dominate it did. In July it broke its own trading record for pips.

Best Forex Robot: The HAS Forex Robot

The HAS Forex Robot is a time tested, proven expert advisor that can find pips for you using trends.

The HAS Forex Robot is special. It has the unique ability to monitor all eight time frames at once. So you never miss the action on those upper time frames. And you get the benefit of quick, easy small trades on the lower ones too. Track its latest trades here.

What’s The Best Forex Robot For You?

All three of these forex robots are great choices for any trader. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest expert advisor, choose Falcor. If bigger trades are your thing go with Reaper. And for a proven performer choose the HAS Forex Robot. It’d be hard to go wrong whatever you decide.

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