A Robot Found This Easy Forex Trade

The HAS Forex Robot shows us how it found an easy 32 pip trade this week. It’s a fully automated forex robot that scans all eight time frames at once. Click the image to see the full trade.

When we go to sleep at night we leave our forex robots running. We awoke this week to find that the HAS Forex Robot had secured this sweet 32 pip trade. And that’s what makes forex robots so great. Even while you’re sleeping you can still make pips.

The HAS Forex Robot works by scanning all eight time frames at once. Using real time Heikin-Ashi Smoothed candles it paints a picture of the trends on each time frame. When it finds differences between time frames it strikes. In this week’s trade it was able to find a breaking upward trend before the candles even began changing colors.

Here’s the trade on our August statement. It’s trade #527003717.

Let The HAS Forex Robot Find Trades For You

If you want to start waking up to find trades like this one you’re in luck. Download the HAS Forex Robot and you’re done. It’s a fully automated forex robot that will open and close trades all by itself.

Install The HAS Forex Robot Now

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