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Don Steinitz Autobiography

My name is Don Steinitz. I started out at the age of 18 learning all I could and mastering the science and art of the game of Blackjack. I moved to Las Vegas leaving behind a successful accounting practice working with my father who owned a CPA firm as a computer operator, putting out financial statements to other CPA’s, when computers were very expensive and not well known.

I became an expert card counter and could count down a deck of cards in 15 seconds or less. I organized a team of players and soon became a major threat to any casino we decided to play in. You might have read about the MIT team. Our methods were quite similar but we were first.

I engaged in many other forms of  "advantage play" in casino games (all legally) through various methods including the use of sloppy dealing practices actually seeing the dealers hold cards giving us a tremendous advantage over the casinos. It was very common for our team to wipe out an entire tray of chips while waiting for a refill from the cage.

The “cat and mouse” game always looking over my shoulder attempting to blend in as a normal tourist eventually took its toll on me and after 30 years I decided to leave the business and play professional live poker known as “No Limit Holdem”.

How I got started 

Looking for something more fulfilling and the desire to work from home I met a gentleman in the Yahoo business and financial chat room who quickly befriended me and we began discussing market theory and experimenting with all kinds of indicators and trading ideas.

We spent thousands of hours on the phone together looking for one method that could show some promise over all market conditions. Every idea had its own set of problems. Deciding to never give me up I continued for 12 years looking for the “holy grail”. As you can probably guess one doesn’t exist.

Unwilling to give up I put in at least 1000+ hours every year studying charts to see what makes up a winning trade. I called that process “reverse engineering”. Going backwards to see if I could see a pattern that was shared amoung all profitable trades. After several attempts to give up I was drawn back to the markets as I didn’t want to throw in the towel since I knew somebody out there is  probably making a living or better from the markets therefore, so can I. So 12 years later I stumbled upon Meta Trader 4 which looked foreign to me at first. I had no idea that a program could be designed to trade a preset of trading rules automatically by an “Expert Advisor” (robot).

This is what I was hoping for and I quickly signed up and started to look around and came upon an indicator called the “Heiken Ashi Smoothed”. I later started multiple threads on various Forex trading forums describing my methods that could be used with this fabulous indicator that is driven by price movements alone.

Together with this indicator I developed a way to use it looking at eight different trading timeframes all at one glance that gave me a complete picture of what the market is doing. This is the major reason for the huge success of my method.    

Where we are now 

I have teamed up with several top notch programmers that are extremely gifted and well verse in Meta Traders MQL code. This is the name of the programming language that MT4 runs off on. We started out with a basic design and have ended up with after multiple versions the final product known as the “Steinitz HAS MTF Robot”.

All future upgrades for a particular version will be sent to all paid licensees at no extra charge. I will send these files by email. If you have an idea you would like to see as an addition to the “Expert Advisor” please don’t hesitate do send me an email explaining what idea you have.

Our goals and missions  

Our goal is simple: Provide some of the the best all around trading robots and indicators for the Forex market.

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