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Our company continuously strives to develop quality Forex trading tools. Each robot or custom indicator works entirely different from each other. Our software took months if not years to develop and is based off of our own personal trading systems.

The reason I prefer running more than one robot on the same broker account is to allow for a smooth equity curve. In other words since each robot trades completely different from each other, having multiple systems working for you at the same time will hypothetically smooth out the fluctuations in your equity. This is very similar to trading more than one currency at the same time.

Moreover, trading multiple systems at the same time will no doubt find those trading opportunities that could have been missed by using only one robot. All of our software works alongside each other without any issues. We use a very sophisticated set of code that assures there will be no conflict when trading our robots simultaneously with each other or with other 3rd party software.

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HAS MTF Hedge Forex Robot

The HAS MTF Hedge Forex Robot has been in service the longest and is our flagship model. The results on our performance page were a result of the hedging features being disabled. Hedging is purely optional and allowed only in certain countries. Works on all time frames and currencies to give you the most possible trades. Get one today and let it start trading for you. Available for immediate download online.

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Fractal Breakout Indicator

This Fractal Breakout Indicator gives you a red or green arrow pointing out where to enter the market based on our advanced calculations. The system gives you a pop-up alert with audio and has an option to receive an email in case you are away from your computer. This indicator works on all timeframes and all currency pairs. Perfect for the trader who wants control over their trades. Available for immediate download online.

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Fractal Pterodactyl Forex Robot

The Fractal Pterodactyl Forex Robot completely automates our Fractal Breakout system. If you're looking for a 100% fully automated robot (expert advisor) without  any broker limitations this is the one for you. It supports all currencies and trades all time frames . This robot has over 4000 lines of MQL programming code and is our most intelligent robot to date. Get one today and put it to work trading for you. Available for immediate download online.

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HAS MTF Forex Robot

The HAS MTF Forex Robot can trade any currency pair and monitor all 8 time frames simultaneously. This is the same robot as the Steinitz HAS MTF Hedge Robot except it lacks two hedging features. It’s not necessary to use these two functions to obtain similar results as version 3.23. Try it out for yourself by ordering one today. Available for immediate download online.

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Volatility Channel SAR Forex Robot

The Volatility Channel SAR Forex Robot is designed to work under high volatility situations. The concept is straightforward: draw a line at the highest high of the past N number of bars and the lowest low of the same. This robot works on all time frames and all currency pairs. Find out how this robot can help your trading by ordering one today. Available for immediate download online.

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Waverunner Forex Robot

The Waverunner Forex Robot was designed using the “Elliott Wave” theory named after Ralph Nelson Elliott. Inspired by the Dow Theory and by observations found throughout nature, Elliott concluded that the movement of any market could be predicted by observing and identifying a repetitive pattern of waves. Get yours today and add this advanced robot to your trading arsenal. Available for immediate download online.

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Directional Forex Robot

The Directional Forex Robot is excellent at identifying potential big trends. It can actively monitor multiple timeframes simultaneously and wait for them all to line up in the same direction before entering the market. It's not uncommon for this robot to stay in a particular trade for days or weeks riding a big trend. A very good robot for smoothing out your equity curve. Available for immediate download online.

Steinitz Directional Robot
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Equity Trail Forex Robot

The Equity Trail Forex Robot was designed to automatically monitor the equity of your account 24 hours a day. It will close out all of your open positions (trades) at your own pre-determined equity targets. You choose the take profit, stop loss, and trailing stop-loss values. This allowes you to leave the robot unattended to manage your entire portfolio. Available for immediate download online.

Steinitz Equity Trail Robot
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