Best EA Forex Robot Right Now

The last couple of months have seen Vader rise to the top and become the  best EA forex robot available. Big trades like this 258 pip juggernaut really put it above other EAs out there. Let’s take a closer look at this massive forex trade and how Vader found it using its advanced strategy.

Predictable levels, predictable profits

Vader uses a hybrid Fibonacci trend system to pinpoint what the price is doing and how far it will go. These fib levels provide not only clear entry points but exit points as well. The middle fib acts as a barometer indicating the current price sentiment, while the outer fibs act as areas for possible retracements. This makes Vader incredibly unique as it is able to trade the price coming and going.

In that massive 258 pip trade from this week, the price breaks a barrier fib. Vader spots a chance to short the pair using its trend shifting signals. It opens a sell order automatically with calculated stop loss and take profit levels. As the trade goes on Vader moves the stop loss behind the price to secure any gained profits while still letting the trade breathe. Once it reaches the outer fib the order hits take profit and is closed automatically.

Notice how when the price hits the -261.8% level it acts as an area of support. This is just one example of how the price often reacts to the levels that Vader uses in its daily calculations.

Best EA Forex Robot - Vader

Vader’s equity curve is a sight to behold. It’s easily one of the best ea forex robots out there currently.

Best EA forex robot for new traders

We’ve designed Vader on top of a brand new engine that has advanced features you cannot find in other EAs currently. It is lean, fast, and capable of trading on as many charts as you can handle. It comes optimized with the best settings for over 22 different currency pairs. And with auto lot sizing and money management you never run the risk of over trading your account. From start to finish, Vader is a complete forex trading system with everything you’ll ever need. Plus support is always free.

P.S. Still trading manually?

We spend years developing and testing manual systems that eventually become the basis for our automated expert advisors. You can do the same thing, or you can benefit from our experience and simply drop Vader onto your charts tonight. It’s your choice.

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