Best Expert Advisors Of 2013

HAS MTF Expert Advisor

The HAS MTF is one of the best Expert Advisors of 2013. Let’s take a look at what everybody’s talking about.

Have you met the HAS expert advisor? Well he’s turning 7 years old this month (that’s 70 in robot years) and is looking for a change. Call it a mid-life crisis, but he’s tired of spending long nights finding endless amounts of pips for our customers. Even being ranked among the best Expert Advisors of 2013 hasn’t cheered him up. Since he’s bummed we figured meeting new people might help him out. Let’s get introduced by looking at one of his greatest Forex trades.

Best Expert Advisor of 2013

Big Forex trades like this are what place the HAS MTF among the Best Expert Advisors of 2013.

He Knows Where The Pips Go To Hang Out

HAS is a very special expert advisor. He’s can read all 8 time frames at once on any Forex pair. Since he isn’t confined to one time frame he finds what others miss. Like big piles of pips just laying around for the taking on lower time frames. Some of his favorite hobbies include:

  • Watching all 8 time frames at once for easy pips.
    “It’s more interesting than most of what’s on TV nowadays” he says.
  • Comparing lower and higher time frames for pips that lose their way.
    He knows that the time frames above and below hold valuable secrets.
  • Adjusting when markets switch between trending and ranging.
    “Robots that can’t change with the market are so 2007” he tells us.
  • Reading futuristic sci-fi novels and watching Star Trek.
    He has to do something while the market is closed.

Here’s another one of the great Forex trades he recently found for our customers.

Best Expert Advisors of 2013

Only one of the best Expert Advisors of 2013 could find a trade this smooth.

Start Using One Of The Best Expert Advisors Of 2013

The best way to get to know HAS is to hire him for yourself. He’s available to start finding pips for you tonight. HAS really likes working alongside his good buddy the Fractal Breakout Indicator. You can get them both together in this nifty bundle. With HAS on your side those pips will have nowhere to run.

Download Your HAS Expert Advisor Now

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