Best Forex Trade This Week

My oh my. Reaper just found this 198 pip forex trade yesterday. It’s our best forex trade of the week.[/caption]We tip our hats to you, Reaper. It began the week by finding some really tasty trades. And then yesterday it found this 198 pip monster-of-a trade. It’s so perfect it had to be our best forex trade of the week. Conditions are great for breakouts right now. And Reaper is like a kid in a candy store.

How Did It Find The Best Forex Trade Of The Week?

Reaper is built to find large, explosive price movements just like the one above. We call these “fast and furious” forex trades. They come out of nowhere and take off like rockets. You can make more pips from one fast and furious trade than you can from ten smaller trades.

It all begins when Reaper draws its daily safe zones on your forex charts. If the price breaks through the upper or lower safe zones Reaper is there waiting for it. It opens a trade and optimizes it to get the most pips possible before the run is over.

Best forex trade this month

We can’t take our eyes off of Reaper’s balance curve this month. It’s a thing of beauty.

Taking Less Trades For More Profit Is Key

Fast and furious forex trades are every forex trader’s best case scenario. They give out a large amount of pips in a matter of hours. So at the end of the day you’ve traded less but made more. That’s exactly what you need to maintain large profits in forex. Small-fry ten pip movements are never enough to stay ahead in the long run. The bigger, the better!

P.S. Rough Trading Week?

Even the best of us can have off weeks. If you’re looking for a little extra help consider using Reaper. It can help diversify your trading and shore up your defenses. Attach it and you’re done.

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