Do Forex Robots Work?

Like most traders, you’re probably asking yourself “do forex robots work?” The answer is yes, they doThe fundamental truth is that with a professional forex robot and the proper setup your trading can improve significantly. Thousands of traders use forex robots every day to find real pips.

But not all forex robots are the same. And how you set them up is crucial to their overall success. Don’t be intimidated though. This guide will help you find your way to real automated pips in five easy steps. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Finding A Forex Robot That Works

To make real pips, you’ll need a forex robot that genuinely works. So how do you know if a forex robot is a winner? By making sure it meets these four criteria:

    • Customer service responds to emails and support requests.
    • The robot uses sound trading theory and logic. No magic tricks.
    • An established developer wrote the code.

Do forex robots work?

Do forex robots work? The Odin Forex Robot certainly does. It is a prime example of an EA making real pips for traders.

Need some help? Here are the top three forex robots that are working well right now. Take a look and see if any of them seem right for you.

  1. Odin Forex Robot
    Logic: Uses advanced grid indicators to plot entry points and pinpoint exits
    Style: Great balance between low and high-frequency trading
    Performance: Latest trades can be viewed here daily
  2. Vader Forex Robot
    Logic: Uses daily Fibonacci levels to trade the price coming and going
    Style: Large trades with moderate frequency
    Performance: See today’s latest trades viewed here
  3. Ganon Forex Robot
    Logic: Uses Strand Theory™ system to trade reliable trend shift signals
    Style: Adaptable between high and low frequency
    Performance: View its latest trades by clicking here

Step 2: Choosing The Right Lot Size

The biggest mistake new traders make is over-trading their account. Example: You attach a forex robot to three charts. You will need enough funding in your forex account to have at least three forex trades open with enough room for drawdown. Nobody wants margin calls.

Do forex robots work?

Vader is proof that forex robots work. Its advanced logic it finds large price movements easily via dynamic fibs.

All three of the forex robots mentioned above have automatic lot sizing based on your account, so there is no guessing on your part. Otherwise, you should start small by trading on a micro account. It requires less capital and carries less risk. Configure your forex robot to use micro lots (.01, .02, etc.), and you’ll be on your way to real pips. Once everything is running smoothly, you can transition to larger lot sizes.

Step 3: Choosing The Right Currency Pairs

This step is easy. Find the three pairs with the lowest spreads. Then attach your forex robot to them. Avoid highly volatile pairs like GBPJPY.

Step 4: Using Your Forex Robot Correctly

Pay attention. Most forex traders go astray on this step. We’ve created what we call The Rules Of Automation. Follow them, and your forex robot will hum along smoothly:

  • Your forex robot needs to be on and running whenever the markets are open
    24 hours a day five days a week. If this isn’t possible, look into using a forex VPS remotely instead.
  • Give your forex robot enough time to grow
    Every forex robot has highs and lows. Let it work and do its thing before deciding to give up on it.
  • Trade manually on another account
    It is essential to keep your manual forex skills sharp. But don’t eat up funds and bring about margin calls on the same account your forex robot is using.
  • Try different brokers
    Brokers love to step all over forex robots. Open a demo account with another broker and see if you notice an improvement.
Do forex robots really work?

When forex robots work, their equity curves are a glorious thing.

Step 5: Add A Second Forex Robot

Forex robots work best in pairs. You can smooth out your forex trading instantly by adding a second forex robot. While one forex robot is looking for trades, the other will be in the middle of a winning streak. Consider them a team that works together for the greater good of your account.

So Do Forex Robots Work?

Yep, they do. Use a professional forex robot. Fund your account correctly and use a safe lot size. Choose the right pairs. Follow The Rules Of Automation. And you’ll be on your way to better forex trading.

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