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Here are three top tips for making pips with an EA Forex robot this month.

We’ve got three top tips for making pips using EA Forex robots this month. Automated robot profits are within reach if you follow these simple rules.

#1: This EA Forex Robot Is Loving The Dollar

Has MTF EA Forex RobotDid you catch that huge rally the dollar had? Our HAS MTF EA Forex Robot did and it was impressive. Large trades across the board were thanks to news that the Federal Reserve may soon start unwinding its bond buying program. Look for the dollar to continue its gains in July as traders around the world adjust for this policy.

The HAS MTF EA Forex Robot is your best choice to profit from this news. It monitors all eight time frames across multiple pairs. That means you can cover the action on all USD pairs for the most pips. You’d need a team of Forex traders working around the clock to do that manually. EA Forex Robots do things a human trader can’t.

#2: Cash In On The Falling Ozzie Dollar

Hedge EA Forex RobotThe great thing about EA Forex Robot trading is that you can make pips in both directions. That’s why you should keep your eyes on the Australian dollar in the weeks ahead. The currency fell sharply against the greenback and may be testing lower supports of 90 cents later this month.

Expect a lot of swings next week due to a busy Australian economic calendar. You should hedge your positions, which can literally double the pips you make in one day. Or let the Hedge EA Forex Robot do it for you automatically. It’s the only way to instantly implement a Forex hedging system that works.

#3: Avoid The Scandals

Pterodactyl EA Forex RobotOpinions are likely to run high this month as several big news items develop. There are rumors that President Obama is looking to replace Fed Chairman Bernanke. Documents just released indicate the US has been spying on the EU. China’s economy may be heading for a crash on reports that it’s tightening credit. All of these will impact the markets this month.

Use tools that filter out swings and price spikes. We recommend our highly reliable Pterodactyl EA Forex Robot. It relies on fractals with trend strength to evaluate its trades. It’s great at ignoring fake-outs and finding the big trades hidden underneath the noise.

Improve Your Forex Trading Skills Instantly

As always, our biggest tip is to start using EA Forex robots to diversify your Forex trading. An EA Forex robot is a great way to grow your profits right now. They’re built with years of knowledge and experience coded into them. It’s one of the best things you can do for your trading.

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