Easy Forex Trade Example

Right now Reaper is in the middle of a long winning streak. Last month it found over 9,000 pips. And this month is no different. We’re dissecting this beautiful 60 pip trade as a prime example of why Reaper is so powerful. Let’s break it down step by step.

How Did It Find This Easy Forex Trade?

Most forex systems try to predict which direction the price will move. In reality these predictions are no better than educated guesses. So why try to predict the future when you can simply wait for the price to tell you? Reaper finds large runs of pips as they happen by simply waiting for the price to make up its mind.

And that’s exactly what happened with the easy forex trade above. The price ranged for several hours at the beginning of the day. Reaper used that data to draw its daily safe zones. Then a clear upward surge formed and rallied the price out of its slump and through the previous barriers. Reaper opened a trade and rode the movement all the way to the top.

Easy forex trade this month

Reaper’s balance curve from last month.

Separating The Duds From The Studs

Reaper is very selective. It only trades the strongest trends that have enough power to break the safe zone and keep going. Weaker trends can’t pierce the safe zone and will reverse course. It’s Reaper’s version of natural selection. And it works very well for filtering out trades that could go bad.

P.S. Need Some Help Finding Pips?

No one ever said forex was easy. So don’t be ashamed to get a little help. Reaper can help struggling traders turn the tides. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for more pips.

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