Find Forex Trades Quickly With Reaper

It has been a very wild ride. Last month Reaper pulled in almost 10,000 pips. That’s something even the best forex robots rarely do. The streak has continued into this month where it found a gigantic 158 pip trade. So how does it find forex trades that big? Let’s take a closer look at how Reaper works.

How Does Reaper Find Forex Trades So Big?

Forex wisdom states that the more trades you make the more risk you take. That means trade less often for more pips. It’s rarely that easy though. If a market is ranging it can be hard to squeeze out even 5 or 10 pips on a good day.

Reaper excels by focusing only on the price movements worth the most pips. It filters out the small chatter you see everyday on your charts. Instead it waits for those moments when the price can jump 40-50 pips in a matter of minutes. Its special breakout algorithms help Reaper find forex trades worth trading.

Find forex trades quickly with Reaper

Reaper’s equity curve from last month puts our manual forex trading to shame.

Discretion Is The Key To Success

Reaper goes above and beyond the role of a breakout robot. It filters trade opportunities based on several key factors. Only the breakouts with the highest chance of succeeding are used. At the end of the month you’re left with a pile of large, high quality forex trades.

P.S. Need Some Help Finding Forex Trades Quickly?

Forex can be very hard. It takes most people several years to start making pips. If you think you might need some help, consider using Reaper. It’s a powerful forex robot that will find forex trades for you all on its own.

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