Has A Forex Currency War Begun?

Forex Currency Wars

Everyone’s talking about Forex currency wars. Is there one? And how will it affect Forex robots?

Current economic conditions are now coming out of the shadows. Has the great Forex currency war begun? The answer is no.

It began long ago when the central banks started using monetary policies to prop up their equity and derivative markets. So why all of a sudden are the talking heads and the main stream news media talking about Forex currency wars now? Obviously there is an agenda to this recent news blast about the BOJ and other central banks.

Many things can be said good and bad about the quantitative easing going on. German banks now want to repatriate their gold holdings out of the US Federal Reserve system and take possession of their gold. What is the big deal? The US federal reserve bank sent over 16 trillion to European banks during the so called economic crisis.

Forex Currency Wars Monetary Policies and Meetings

At the DAVOS meeting, a sovereign fund manager in China made statements recently about the risk of Forex currency wars and how central banks should limit their printing press.  You can find the article here. The average trader would love to be a fly on the wall in some of these meetings held in dark smoke filled rooms where the banking elite plot their next scheme.

Folks, we are all witness to these events as they unfold. The best we can do is ride the wave and make money during the ups and downs of this so called Forex currency war. If you look at the recent charts, you can see some very nice patterns appear within the jpy pairs. The time is now to strike while the IRON is hot.

How It Affects Your Forex Robots

Our Forex robots will be sensitive to this market condition. Our traders should really study all of the features within each Forex robot and use this time as an advantage. Manual traders have been most blessed recently as our Fractal Breakout Indicator is really producing signals that even the most conservative trader would be proud of.

You and I cannot change the wind of the financial policies throughout the world. We can only identify current market conditions. The time to look for profitable trades is now. Check the wind, plot your course and set your sails, there are huge gains to be made. We recommend taking advantage with our new Best Forex robots bundle. It contains the Fractal Breakout indicator, as well as several other useful tools.

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