A Forex Hedge System That Works

Forex Hedge System

We take an in depth look at our Forex hedge system and discuss some of its unique features.

In the past two months our HAS MTF Hedge Robot has been on a winning streak. Currently a perfect storm of predictable trends and volatility are behind a string of great trades this Forex robot has been finding. It’s been a profitable Forex hedge system for years now. It’s easy to forget that this robot has features that you still can’t find elsewhere. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this robot so special.

It Scans All Eight Time Frames For Trades

Monitors All Eight TimeframesTo hedge properly you need to know what’s happening above and below the current time frame. Unfortunately most Forex robots aren’t capable of checking more than one or two time frames in their calculations. And a manual Forex hedge system would require you to do these checks yourself.

Our Hedge robot is still one of the only Forex robots smart enough to monitor all eight time frames at once. It knows when hourly charts have aligned with a strong trend on the daily and monthly charts. It knows when a weak counter trend is happening on the 15 minute charts that could lead to an easy hedge.

It Changes Its Own Settings On The Fly

Best Forex Robot - HAS MTF Hedge RobotForex basics teach us about the two main types of markets: ranging and trending. What works in a trending market will not typically work in a ranging market. Our Forex hedge system is one of the only robots capable of detecting the type of market and adjusting its own settings on the fly. We call this feature Intelliswitch.

When the market type changes our Forex robot switches to a different group of operating settings. These settings are custom tailored for that market type. This increases the robots usefulness under all market conditions.

It’s 100% Robotic

blog-forex-chartOne of the most important features of our Forex hedge system is that it’s completely automatic. We’ve done all of the hard work for you and bundled it into one sleek Forex robot. You download it, install it, and add it to your chart. It automatically begins trading an effective Forex hedge system for you.

An automatic system allows you to double your output. You’re free to trade a different manual system along side of it without having to worry. By using two different systems you’re also diversifying. Download your copy today and let it start trading for you tonight. We’re sure to keep seeing some of this perfect Forex weather throughout next month!

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