Forex Robots Review – The Pterodactyl Robot

Forex Robots Review - The Fractal Pterodactyl Forex Robot

An in depth Forex Robots Review of the The Fractal Pterodactyl Forex Robot.

A ruthless animal. That’s how we would describe the Fractal Pterodactyl Forex Robot. Why? It tends to hunt pips down like dogs. And its animal instincts won’t let it stop. It loves finding several trades at once. It’s constantly scanning real time fractals to see where more pips could be hiding. Another kill. Here’s a trade it found for us while we were doing this Forex robots review.

Our Forex Robots Review captured this great trade from the Fractal Pterodactyl Forex Robot.

Our Forex Robots Review captured this great trade from the Fractal Pterodactyl Forex Robot.

It Loves To Devour Pips Any Chance It Gets

Hunting pips is easy once you know how to find them. The Pterodactyl loves hunting on the middle time frames where fractal setups are frequent. By checking the trend strength it can accurately predict where pips are going to be. The Pterodactyl lives by these pip hunting rules:

  • Use at least two methods to track the market’s movement.
    Using trend strength with fractals is a killer combo for this bot.
  • Wait for the pips to come back to their home.
    Retracements allow you to hunt pips on familiar ground.
  • When you strike, grab as many as you can at one time.
    Grab as many pips as fast as you can and get out.
  • Double check everything before pulling the trigger.
    It double checks fractals and retracements before entering.
Forex Robots Review - Fractal Pterodactyl Forex Robot

Another great trade we found during our Forex robots review of the Fractal Pterodactyl Forex robot.

Forex Robots Review Verdict: Use It Now!

Sometimes the best way to hunt pips is with a professional by your side. The Pterodactyl Robot is waiting to help you on your next pip hunt. Together you’re sure to catch some big game. If you need some extra hands on the hunting trip check out this great bundle. It includes the Pterodactyl Robot and two of his best buddies at a great price. It’s time to get ruthless on those pips.

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