Forex Trading Robots Up Close

Forex Trading Robots

We get up close & personal with one of the best Forex trading robots around.

Forex trading robots are programs designed to help you trade better. We’re going to take an in depth look at the unique Fractal Pterodactyl Forex Trading Robot. It’s been around for over three years now and is very well tested. Recent trading results have seen it trading at some of its highest levels.

Manual Trading VS. Forex Trading Robots

Every manual Forex trader is faced with the huge task of trying different systems until they find one that works. Most often they end up combining several systems to get something that works. As markets change they’re forced to keep bending rules so things keep working. It’s always a sad day when they realize their system no longer works and they have to start all over.

Forex Trading Robots can adapt their style

The best Forex trading robots can adapt their style to a changing market.

This is what makes the Fractal Pterodactyl Forex Trading Robot so important. It’s more than a static system: It’s artificial intelligence. It has been designed to change its trading style as the market moves through time. Instead of a rigid manual system with black and white entry rules we get an intelligent Forex robot that sees change and adapts on the fly. This is also what sets it apart from other Forex trading robots. You won’t have to worry about it not working as things change.

Humans VS. Forex Trading Robots

In our daily lives we use spreadsheets, apps, and calculators to help us do our daily number crunching. Our work would suffer greatly without the aid of computers. It’s easy to see how much your Forex trading suffers without an automated piece of software to calculate things for you.

Forex Trading Robots can calculate millions of numbers every second

Forex trading robots can calculate millions of numbers every second.

The Fractal Pterodactyl Forex Trading Robot calculates fractals in real time. At the same time it also scans for retracements and checks trend strength. All of this happens every single time the price moves. That’s thousands of times every minute. A human simply cannot perform at that level. Unless of course you’re Rainman.

The Bottom Line: A Perfect Strategy

We’ve been making Forex trading robots for several years. Here’s some great advice on how to best use the Fractal Pterodactyl Forex Robot.

  • Run two Forex trading robots together at the same time.
    The Fractal Pterodactyl works best with a friend. The HAS MTF Robot is a a great choice because it trades often.
  • Don’t stop trading manually just because you can.
    Let the Fractal Pterodactyl generate extra pips for you but keep your skills sharp with your own manual trading.
  • Use it on the middle time frames for the best results.
    M15, M30, H1, and H4 are great choices for this robot.
  • Let it run it 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.
    A Forex trading robot never sleeps so don’t turn your computer off at night. This way you’re always monitoring the markets and tripling your Forex trading hours.
  • Take a break and enjoy the freedom it allows you.
    Since our Forex trading robots are always in the market why not take a break and go outside. Not feeling like you have to trade will improve your own Forex skills.

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