Forex Trading Strategy

Forex trading strategy

Here’s a 100% automated Forex trading strategy using Forex robots. For any skill level.

Want a fully automated Forex trading strategy you can start using right now? Well here’s a great strategy for traders of any skill level. This Forex trading strategy uses Forex robots. A Forex robot is a piece of software that is programmed to trade for you. Using a Forex robot you can achieve much better results than you normally could by yourself.

To use this Forex trading strategy you’ll need both the HAS MTF Forex Robot and the Pterodactyl Forex Robot. Pick them up for cheap when you Build Your Own Bundle of Forex robots.

Let’s Get Started With Our Forex Trading Strategy

Forex Trading Strategy - Pterodactyl RobotStart by selecting any eight currency pairs. Don’t sweat the details, these Forex robots are programmed to work on every pair. We suggest choosing pairs with the lowest spreads. Spreads will vary depending on what Forex broker you are using.

With our eight pairs selected go ahead and open a chart for each one. Now we’re ready to start setting up the Forex robots that make this Forex trading strategy possible.

Setup Your Forex Robots

Attach your HAS MTF Forex Robot to four of the eight currency pairs you selected. Easy enough, right? Now attach your Pterodactyl Forex Robot to the remaining four currency pairs.

Make sure live trading is enabled and your expert advisors are activated. Check out our video tutorials page for some great examples on how to setup your Forex robots for trading.

Leave Your Computer On And Walk Away

Forex Trading Strategy - Has MTF Forex RobotYep, you heard right. Our Forex robots will now take over everything from here. All you need to do is make sure your computer stays on and the robots keep running. These Forex robots will work together to create a great Forex trading strategy. Both of these robots rely on completely different strategies for maximum diversity.

The HAS MTF Forex Robot will actively monitor all eight time frames for each of the four pairs it is running on. That’s 32 simultaneous time frames of potential Forex trading! It’s a frequent trader and will normally be in at least one trade at any given time.

The Pterodactyl Forex Robot tracks trend strength and determines the best time to enter based on retracements. It’s a “long haul” Forex robot and is a great compliment to a high-frequency trader like the HAS MTF.

Add In A Third Robot For More Profit

All of our Forex robots work together seamlessly on one account. That means the more you use, the more trades you will find. Get any three Forex Robots for a great price when you Build Your Own Bundle. It’s a great way to improve your Forex trading instantly.

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