Top Expert Advisor Right Now For New Traders

Over the last year Vader has proven time and time again that it’s the top expert advisor for professionals. Simply put: if you’re not using Vader you’re missing easy pips. This week we’re highlighting an incredible 347 pip forex trade Vader found automatically. Let’s break down the setup and dive into how trades like this are common with Vader.

Vader found a calm in the storm

Vader relies on daily fibonacci levels to gauge both where the price is at and where it’s going. These levels are drawn onscreen in real time so you can always see what the price is doing visually. At the beginning of this week USDJPY was stalled with very little movement in general. Vader watched as the price hung out around the middle fib for a few days.

Going into the middle of the week whipsaws picked up and there was a hint of things to come. Vader automatically went short when its indicators aligned and signaled downward momentum from the middle fib. The price continued to drop quickly over a period of several hours. Vader turned on its profit management so that gains were locked in place using its trailing stop. Eventually an exit point was found and Vader closed the trade automatically.

Top expert advisor - Vader

Vader’s equity curve is magnificent. It’s definitely the top expert advisor right now.

Top expert advisor for new traders

Trades like this aren’t out of reach just because you’re new. Using an expert advisor is a great way to quickly up your skills without spending hours manually trading. Finding signals, opening trades, and setting stop losses and take profits are handled completely by the software. You simply download Vader and place it on your charts. We’ve taken care of the rest with our advanced code and hyper logic.

P.S. Sick of losing forex trades?

You can keep trading manually by chasing systems and strategies. Or you can simply download Vader tonight and put it to work for you. Using Vader you can trade over 20 pairs at once. Something no human is capable of doing. So what are you waiting for?

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