Using Multiple Forex Robots

Using multiple Forex robots

Combining robots is the best way to maximize your results. Let’s review the best combinations.

Using multiple Forex robots is highly recommended for balance and diversity. Our new Build Your Own Bundle makes it easy to compare and choose multiple Forex robots. But some customers have been wondering which robots work best together. Each Forex robot has strengths you can enhance with other robots. Here are three great combinations.

The Fractal Breakout Indicator and the Hedge Robot

Best Forex Robot - HAS MTF Hedge RobotThe Hedge robot is one of our best products. It’s been around for several years and is road tested. It trades frequently and fully manages itself. Paired with a manual system it could allow you to double your output each month.

Its perfect match is the Fractal Breakout Indicator. It allows you to trade at your own pace using accurate signals based on fractals. Both robots are based on completely different theories for maximum diversity.

The Pterodactyl Robot and the Directional Robot

Best Forex Robot - Fractal Pterodactyl RobotHere’s a powerful automated combination for using multiple Forex robots. The Fractal Pterodactyl Robot is a frequent trader with a great track record. It’s a top contender on our site each month in addition to being a crowd favorite.

The Directional Forex Robot makes bigger profit trades over a longer period of time. The stability of the Directional Forex Robot combined with the performance of the Fractal Pterodactyl Robot is a force to be reckoned with.

The HAS MTF Robot and the Volatility Robot

Has MTF Forex RobotThe HAS MTF Robot is a great all-around choice. It’s our original robot and is very popular. It’s fully automated and runs completely unattended while you’re away.

But in volatile markets it will encounter the problem of whipsaws and fake-outs. By using the Volatility Robot on high volatility pairs and the HAS MTF Robot on low-volatility pairs we are playing the market in a very smart way.

Using Multiple Forex Robots Has Never Been Easier

Now you can download the Forex robots you want for a great price. The combinations are endless when you Build Your Own Bundle. An ideal setup would be running two Forex robots across different pairs with two standby robots you can swap into place when markets change. It’s a very smart way to cover all of your bases. When using multiple Forex robots adjust your lot sizes in order to prevent margin calls and over-leveraging.

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