The Powerful Ganon Forex Robot

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The forex robot that is terrifying brokers everywhere.

Meet Ganon: an elite forex robot unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Kick your broker right in the charts.

Ganon helps you battle brokers with exclusive Strand Theory™ that finds the healthiest trend trades and eliminates fake outs.

Fully Automatic Trend Trades

Simply load Ganon and watch the battle unfold. No need to do anything else.

Exclusive New Strand Theory™

Developed over six years, this new theory finds incredible trend signals.

Two Modes To Choose From

Use hyper mode for more trades. Or normal mode for bigger trades.

Elite Track Record

User's love Ganon's sound strategy and reliable performance.

Optimized For All Pairs

Adjusts settings and levels automatically based on the currency it is attached to.

Easy 5 Minute Install

No skill required. Download, install, and watch your charts turn into a warzone.

Eye popping results.

Ganon's elite performance puts other EAs to shame. And it hasn't stopped yet.

See Trades From August
   Month Profit * Pips
August 2022 $90,864 11,406
July 2022 $95,578 12,181
June 2022 $81,434 10,149
May 2022 $113,360 14,077
April 2022 $97,740 11,836

Incredible new Strand Theory™ cuts through charts to find massive forex trades and eliminate broker fake outs.

Ganon finds large trades using advanced trend detection.

In forex trading the trend is king. But finding a reliable trend can be impossible through all of the noise on your forex charts. Over the last six years we've developed a brand new strategy that pinpoints the most reliable trends while avoiding noise and broker fake outs. We call this system Strand Theory™.

  • Stop trying to paddle upstream

    Take the guesswork out of trend trading. Ganon hones in on reliable trends easily and milks them for pips.

  • Don't lose pips you've already captured

    Once you have pips it is important to keep them. A brand new ATR trailing stop secures profits as each trade progresses.

  • Ignore fake outs and manipulation

    Your broker is not your friend. Ganon detects intentional price manipulations and fake outs using Strand Theory™.

Implement an incredibly powerful new forex strategy in less than 5 minutes.

Ganon is an elite forex robot that is perfect for traders of any skill level. When activated it will find, open, and manage trades all on its own. It works perfectly with other forex robots or as a supplement to your manual forex trading.

  • No need to learn complex strategies

    Putting Ganon on your charts can help improve your trading in seconds flat. No homework or studying required.

  • Trade all day everyday

    If the market is open Ganon will be watching it for you. Sleep sound knowing Ganon is patrolling day and night.

  • Increase your trading coverage 10x

    Load Ganon on any number of forex charts to cover the whole forex market like never before.

A fully automated forex strategy that handles everything from start to finish.

Enjoy the benefits of a complex forex strategy on your charts without having to do any of the work. Ganon is a fully self contained forex robot that trades the best signals for you automatically. Stop losses, take profits, trailing stops, and money management are all in the bag.

  • Two modes of operation to fit any style

    Toggle Ganon's style in a moment's notice. Use hyper mode for more trades. Or normal mode for bigger trades.

  • Works great on any account size

    Ganon adjusts to work with micro, mini, and full size lots. Perfect for any account size.

  • A beautiful new UI for your screen

    Looks are important. Ganon comes with a sleek chart template that makes your screen shine.

I've never used forex robots before. How can I start using Ganon?

Ganon runs inside the MetaTrader 4 forex trading platform. Don't worry though, the platform is totally free. Most forex brokers offer free MetaTrader 4 demo trading accounts. With MT4 installed you simply attach Ganon to a chart and you're done. Installation takes less than five minutes.

  • Do I need experience to use Ganon?

    Not at all. We've designed Ganon to handle every aspect of forex trading. You load it, Ganon does the rest.

  • Should I use it alongside other forex robots?

    Of course! Using more than one forex robot diversifies your trades. Falcor and Reaper are great companions.

  • Can I leave the house once Ganon is running?

    You bet. We've designed Ganon so that you can set it up and go do other things. It will run fully unattended.

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The Powerful Ganon Forex Robot