Forex Robot Trader


The ROBOT is fully automatic   

Places all your trades for you without any human intervention

Places all your trades for you without any human intervention
1. Automatically searches for counter trends between the monthly and 5 minute timeframes.
2. HAS moving average variables fully modifiable.
3. Self checking logic when/if you set an input incorrectly.
4. User adjustable to set to trigger on closed or unclosed candles!
5. Ability to enter on Alert or Alert -1 TF color change (closed or unclosed candles).
6. Optional enter on a fresh signal when EA is first turned on (switchable).
7. Money management available to trade a % of free margin or account balance.
8. Intelligent lot fractional sizing based on what broker you use.
9. Take profit with fixed pip amounts that you decide for each timeframe.
10.Take profit can be selected to use % ATR for each individual timeframe.
11. All TP and SL are invisible to broker. (no hunting allowed).
12. A safety SL & TP can be set as a fail safe if power is lost (will be displayed to broker).
13. Partial close option to take 1/2 profit automatically when TP is reached.
14. Stop loss can be set at a fixed pip amount or % of ATR.
15. Trailing stop loss feature is available.
16 Trailing stop trigger and pip step amount fully adjustable.
17. Broker spread widening detection option to halt entries if spread widens by "x" pip amount.
18. Trading hours only available to trade based on your times you choose.
19. All text is font size and color adjustable.
20. Three different de-bug inputs to analyze all your backtesting and forward trading!
21. Upper TF feature to use as a filter for trading desired TF to help avoid head fakes.
22. Break even setting with a guaranteed lock in pip amount.
23. Ability to take full profits when TP target is triggered with color change based on choice of timeframes.
24. Ability to take 1/2 profit when TP target is triggered and let other half run up until color change on choice of timeframe.
25. Superb labels displaying on screen what the EA is doing inside to understand what is going on.
26. Superb labels displaying int & ext SL & TP, curr DD, Max profit, Max DD and much more!
27. Intelligent analysis to determine to close out a set #1 set-up in favor of entering back in with a set #2 set-up and visa versa.
28. Can be set-up to disallow new trades on Friday at your preferred time.
29. Can also close out open trades on Friday to go flat before the weekend at your preferred time.
30. Another feature to disallow new trades "x" number of days prior to month end.
31. Along with the above feature you can have the robot automatically close out all open trades every 30 days.
32. Automatically detects when market changes from trending to ranging and switches into a different mode using pre-determined settings to trade the new market!
33. New feature to recognize automatically if the market has changed after entering on a set #1 type set-up and close out in favor of robot re-entering market in a set #2 type set-up.

NO expiration dates on Robot software
NO membership fees
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YES you will receive FREE customer service 7 days a week for life
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