Forex Robot Trader


Q. Is this a fully automatic Forex robot (expert adviser) that places all buy and sell trades automatically?
A. Yes. This robot is like any other expert adviser that we offer which places buy and sell orders 24 hours a day, 5 ½ days a week without any human intervention.

Q. Why did you call it the "Volatility Channel Robot?"
A. The robot uses the ATR indicator for determining the market range that is useful for establishing a given trend.

Q. Which currency pairs works best with this robot?
A. Any currency pair. Even though we found that certain currency pairs work better than others when doing a back test. Having said that I believe that the back tests are not the final word if a currency pair is profitable or not. The markets are always changing and so can the results of any given pair.

Q. Can you run this robot on more than one currency pair at a time?
A. Yes. I recommend trading multiple currency pairs at the same time. The reasoning is the more currency pairs you trade at the same time the smoother your equity curve will be. This is similar to why some people invest in the S&P 500 rather than putting all there investment monies all-in-one stock.

Q. How many trades does this robot average per month?
A. Depends. The more currency pairs you trade concurrently the more trades you will have per month. What I can tell you without a doubt this is a high-frequency trading robot.

Q. Do I have to leave my computer on 24 hours a day?
A. No. you can use a VPS (Virtual Private Server) as an option which will allow for your software to run 24 hours a day without having your own PC left on.

Q. Can I close down a trade manually?
A. Yes. The robot will automatically recognize that the trade has been closed out prematurely and automatically look for a new trade set up without issues.

Q. Can brokers see my orders and potentially stop hunt me?
A. Not to worry. The robot has a stealth mode that keeps the take profit and stop loss orders hidden from the broker. The broker has no idea what the robot is doing.

Q. How about a power failure, what happens then?
A. We have a special feature that is our trademark that sends an order to the broker at some multiplier of our hidden orders. For example: let's say our take profit is100 pips and our stop loss is 50 pips. By default the robot will send a 150 pip take profit and a 75 pip stop loss to the broker to ensure that you can be executed in case the power is disconnected. This multiplier can be changed by the user. is owned by Forex Robot Trader. All of the material contained herein is protected by international copyright laws, international conventions, and other copyright laws. Any visitor is permitted to store, print, and display content from this web site only for personal use. In no event shall any visitor publish, or otherwise reproduce any part or parts herein, without the express written consent of Forex Robot Trader. Limited use of materials from this web site under the "fair use" doctrine is permitted for search engines, reviews, and similar purposes.

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