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Uses a special combination of zig zag theory to find loads of automated pips.

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Some of you may have heard of an indicator called the "ZigZag" and a trading theory called "Elliott Wave". The Elliott Wave Theory is named after Ralph Nelson Elliott. Inspired by the Dow Theory and by observations found throughout nature, Elliott concluded that the movement of the stock market could be predicted by observing and identifying a repetitive pattern of waves. In fact, Elliott believed that all of man's activities, not just the stock market, were influenced by these identifiable series of waves.

Elliott's main discovery was that market behavior could be identified and measured through a repeating eight wave sequence, consisting of 5 waves that he called "impulsive," followed by a 3-wave "corrective" sequence. Impulse waves are labeled numerically 1 through 5, corrective waves are labeled A, B and C.

Zigzag: Zigzag patterns are sharp declines (or advances in a bear rally) that substantially correct the price level of the previous impulse sequence. Often wave B (the counter-trend wave of the ABC pattern) is the shortest relative to A and C. In zigzag patterns, the sequence may double or triple up until the price correction target is achieved. Zigzags internally subdivide 5-3-5 as follows: Wave A (5-waves, motive), Wave B (3-waves, corrective), Wave C (5-waves, motive).

So what does this all mean to you? It means, that we've come up with a fully automated expert advisor (Robot) just like the "Steinitz HAS MTF" that performs all the trading for you without human intervention. It works on any timeframe but we have found that the 30 minute, 1 hour and 4 hour provides the best risk/reward ratio. This program uses stop losses and take profit targets. On the 1 hour time frame the average stoploss is approximately 60 pips with the average take profit being 150 pips per trade.

This method picks market tops and market bottoms according to our advanced calculations! Get yours today and add it into your trading arsenal.

Make some waves.

A solid track record spanning over ten years makes this robot a top choice.

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   Month Profit * Pips
August 2022 $18,575 2,244
July 2022 $33,471 4,083
June 2022 $23,928 2,941
May 2022 $35,531 4,546
April 2022 $40,392 4,697

Utilizes advanced Elliott Wave Theory to trade market tops and bottoms.

  • Works on ALL Forex currencies.
  • Works on ALL timeframes.
  • Works with Metatrader 4 charting software.
  • Works with 4 or 5 broker digit pricing automatically.
  • Comes with all custom indicators, expert advisor, and templates.
  • You can close out any trade manually without disrupting the robot.
  • The custom indicator is drawn on the same chart as the robot for full transparency.
  • Robot has optional trailing stop loss capabilities built-in.
  • Automatic money management built-in.
  • Robots inputs are user adjustable such as "applied price types" and "moving average modes".
  • All text and color objects are user adjustable.
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