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Archie Debiasi
From: archdebi567@*****.com
To: Don Steinitz

Hey Don!

Its been 3 days since I purchase your software and I just cannot believe the results I am receiving with this forex system. I have made just under $500, $490.78 to be exact in 3 days!

Malcolm Giarrusso
From: yumyum567@***********.com
To: Don Steinitz

The Steinitz directional robot is about the tenth Forex robot I’ve ever used and it is easily the best. I was cautious and started off with $100 but the robot was so successful that I was soon making thousands. A fantastic product.

Meyer Pista
From: funtime912@*****.com
To: Don Steinitz

iwant to now how can i end up with the most profits????i have rthe directional steinitz robot and it is very good.i want the most bang for my buck.please tell me what you personally do for best results with multiples softwares..........


Georgina Thompson
From: atlantageorgina@****.com
To: Don Steinitz

Good sir! The robot has been doing so well this month. Its refreshing to have something so reliable working for me.

I will definitely be looking to buy more of your robots in the future!

Ed Antonellis
From: edandsusan@*****.com
To: Don Steinitz

Dear Mr. Steinitz,

I have been using the Directional Robot for a couple of weeks now, it was very simple to set up and since then I have been trading with several different trading strategies all of which the Directional Robot accompany for. I have made $1,106.51 during this time. I am very pleased with the way the Directional Robot is handling the Forex market and with the trade outcomes.

Thanks Ed

Flynn Dunshea
From: flynnd@****.com
To: Don Steinitz

FRT team, this email is a thank you for helping me turn my finances around. Forex was a huge money waster for me. I would do really well and then things would turn for the worst and I would lose profits and then some. My spouse was almost to the point where I would be cut off from forex and stocks! Thankfully the directional robot has done wonders for my bank account.

I get back to back trades closing for a pofit. Every know and then when it gets in the modd it will find the biggest trades. I think the biggest I got was over 1000 pips on GBPJPY. THt is so insane.

Thanks guys

David A Hurst
From: dave.hurst@********.net
To: Don Steinitz


The directional robot just closed out a HUGE 271 pip trade! This thing is currently on a huge run that hopefully won't slow down. I've got about 33 winning trades on the books so far in the last month with about 10 loss trades. My account balance has gone up from $3081 to almost $7000. I know some months are better than others but I can only hope that next month is anywhere as good as the current one.

Are the terodactyl robot and the fractal custom indicator the same thing? From what I can tell one is a robot and one is an indicator. I havem't used an indicator yet, so far just automated robots. It is an intriguing idea to be able to trade manually as well as automatically. Whcih one do you recommend for a casual trader?

Your devoted follower-

Pete Perrins
From: peteyperrins98@***.net
To: Don Steinitz

I found the Directional Robot to be very accurate during my first week of trading. I made approximately 13 trades of which I made $674.33 in profit. I think I made about 9 winning trades or maybe 10 (can’t remember). However I am a very happy customer and I recommend this to anyone looking for an easy to use Forex robot.

David C. Stanley
From: stanmangoo@*****.com
To: Don Steinitz

That was a good webinar on the new Tradency platform. I am going to purchase your Fractyl Pterodactyl and run it on that when I get a chance. The Directional robot is having an exceptional month after going kind of stale last month. My starting balance was $2,900.23 and it is now $5,823.90. There was a big one last week that was just an awesome trade. If it keeps this up I will send you my statement so you can share it. I've seen you do that with other people before.


Robin Carlstrom
From: cstrom@**********.org
To: Don Steinitz

I have tested several robots before always to have been let down by the lack of accurate results and inconsistent winning trades however with the Directional Robot I was suprised. Suprised that after 5 days of trading I had a good looking portfolio. With 9 winning trades and only 1 loss I was already profiting $400 plus. Overall this system has been excellent and I recommend it to anyone.

Gabriel Lajoie
From: canc4n@*********.com
To: Don Steinitz


I still laugh because I have no idea how this thing works the way it does. After my conversation with you yesterday I sat down and re-read the manual. You must be some kind of a genius to not only come up with this sytem but then be able to turn this thing into a robot. I want to get one of those forex for dummies books so I at least know some of the terms in the manual.

Thanks again from someone who is truly grateful. I almost feel guilty not doing any work for such a large amount of profit ($2,300 this month and counting good sir!) I can't express it genuinely enough in this email.

- Gabriel

Ray Soria
From: nirvanaforex@*************.com
To: Don Steinitz


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