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Dale Casey
From: dcman1976@*****.com
To: Don Steinitz

hey don i wanted to send you this email quickly before i left to say THANKS AGAIN!!!!! for 3 years ive tried every free or paid robot available but nothing could get me the results they claimed. the hedge robot is up almost $600 bucks in profit since i started about 12 days ago now. the drawdown at first kind of freaked me out a little but now that i understand how this robot works i am 100% behind its method. i wanted to ask you wich product you recommend for me to pair with this robot specifically. i am looking at getting a second robot asap. have a great day!

ps. do you give any kind of discount for customers who buy all of your products? :)

Daila Brodersen
From: mybolux@***.net
To: Don Steinitz

I have been waiting for a robot like this for a long while. However it was worth the wait. This robot has every feature a Forex robot could need, I have yet to test this to its maximum abilities and I am not sure if I will ever get the chance. But looking at the last 5 days trading with 12 winning trades and 2 losses (one my fault, as I intervened when the hedge robot was busy working). An incredible Forex robot, well worth purchasing.

Shayla St. Lawrence
From: zilixejub9a@*****.com
To: Don Steinitz

From my early thoughts I think HAS MTF hedge robot could be used by a novice or an expert. Beginners will love the simplicity while experts will like the ease of use. If you don’t like trading currency automatically then this robot is not going to change your mind, but if you don’t mind taking the easy way then this is likely the best product you can get. I highly recommend this software!

Hayaam Wijdan Tahan
From: Haddad@*********.com
To: Don Steinitz

Thank you Forex robot trader for the discount deal on the "has mtf hedge robot" i received. i was leary at first because i googled the products and found lots of complaints about draw dow. but then i also found lots of good things too.
the only way i was going to know was to try out for myself. i am glad i did it! this robot outperforms all other free ones i found on forums/

From: f.fidati@****.com
To: Don Steinitz

Hello Don,
I'm writing to thank you and tell you that in 10 days with NO LOSS ROBOT I doubled the capital;
I started with $ 150 Monday 21 and Monday 28 I had my account $ 295: EXCELLENT

I wanted to ask if it is normal for this robot? Thanks

Hanbal Aban Hakimi
From: hanbal@********.org
To: Don Steinitz

Hi Don,

The hedging robot is running along very nicely today. I leave it on in the day when I am at work and check it when I get home. After next week I will switching from the demo account to the live one. The broker you recommended seems to be the best fit for my needs so I filled the forms out yesterday. My account is edging toward $1965.00 in profit as I write this to you. It is very good to see something that was worth the money I paid. Thank you from across the sea.

David Smith
From: dsmith@***.com
To: Don Steinitz

Since,I purchase the MTF HAS Hedge robot on April 22nd. My micro account has increased more than 25%. Here is a link to see my MT4 account statement.

P.S. I will purchasing the Fractal Breakout next.

God Bless
David Smith

Mary J. Tirado
From: sweetmary56@****.com
To: Don Steinitz

Hey guys. This is a quick email to say thanks for my new car! I was able to make enough money to save a nice little downpayment on a new fully loaded 2011 Nissan Altima. This is the first new car I have ever owned! I plan on making more money with the has hedge to be able to pay it off within the next 6 months or so. The robot went into the weekend up over a thousand bucks.

Utterly amazed,
Mary Tirado

Franco Mascaro
From: fgmascaro@****.com
To: Don Steinitz

Hi Don,

I am liking your robots so much so that I have named them and am talking to them. Thanks for you work.

I have not seen the HAS MTF Hedge Robot take a loss, even though I have seen it remain in the trade with a loss of more than 120 pips for more than 24hrs. It stays in the trade long enough to take a small profit.

Does it ever take a loss? How does it handle a trade that it has remained in over a weekend (say more than a number of days) or extended market break and then when the market finally opens the market gaps further into the loss? What will it do? It's unnerving to watch...


Klas Wallin
From: wklas1972s@****.com
To: Don Steinitz

Mr. Steinitz,

I would like to wire you the money for an additional product of your recommendation to compliment my amazing results using the has hedge robot. I understand not all products are equal but if your products all perform anywhere near the level of the hedge robot than I am on my way to retirement.

Your loyal servant - Klas

P.S. Please post this on your testimonials pages, you have my permission.

Verda Lindloff
From: ossuxodde1201@*******.net
To: Don Steinitz


I'm just getting into Forex trading and have already spent a ton of money on books, a ton of time on forums and a ton of effort doing demo trading. I stumbled across your hedge robot and decided to give it a try.

I'm very pleased that I did.

With this I have everything I need to move toward success in my trading. I'm already seeing improvements in my ability to pick good trades, avoid simple newbie mistakes and I'm seeing my simulated account growing already. Best money I've spent on Forex software. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Excellent program!

Mezei Zsuzsanna
From: forestangel@****.ru
To: Don Steinitz

i can call you tomorrow for remote support or if you are available to call me that works too. i am overseas on a business trip for the next 2 weeks but I have a lot of downtime.

Give me a good time for you.

This robot is doing a lot better now that I understand the draw down concepts you mentioned. Made $344.00 on my last trade... amazing.


Tomasa Gebbia
From: nacyximmi999@*******.com
To: Don Steinitz

Hi! So far I have had 11 trades, all winning trades. I was shocked to actually find a Forex robot with this much accuracy but the HAS MTF robot has it all. I love this machine :)

Geoffrey Flegal
From: iwutep26@*****.org
To: Don Steinitz

Hi, I bought this robot and on Demo account was profitable so I dicide to try it on live account with $1,000, this is what I will tell you about this robot, Is VERY PROFITABLE. So far im happy with the result I only hope this continue like this.

Dylan McKinnon
From: DylanMcKinnon@****.com
To: Don Steinitz

Stenitz has done it again!!!!between the hedge bot and the manual indicator i have officialy restored my faith in the forx markets! don't tell the tax man just yet but i am making a small killing with these two products combined. its time to hit the beach and celebrate. i cant wait for the markets to open on sunday it is giving me chills thinking about all that moolah i get the chance to earn. live like a king!!

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