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Karrie Lachowicz
From: wiczwiz@*****.gov
To: Don Steinitz

Of all of the software I’ve seen or developed, the volatility robot is THE single quickest way to make the biggest difference in the power of your trades. The reason I can say this is becasue it is not a “system” with silly promises, but in fact a way to increase the POWER of your trading platform and your trades themselves, literally from the moment you begin using it. This software will allow you to trade take trades that were previously simply not possible, and only available to “elite traders” and expert programmers.

Freddie Reilly
From: marsman29@***********.com
To: Don Steinitz

Long time no talk. that robot is doing great, im looking to start reinvesting some of the money it is making me. any thoughts on something safe? account balance is verging on 20k...

India Seegmiller
From: SeeGmiller@*****.com
To: Don Steinitz

The Volatility robot methods are just first rate, and I really can’t wait to scale this thing and get it making even more money for me! I am amazed by this Forex robot and recommend everyone looking to make money Forex trading to jump on board.
Thank you.

Lilian Salisbury
From: baseballmom4922@******.com
To: Don Steinitz

This is not a complaint or an issue but a praise mail. thanks for the great porudtcs and the AMAZING support. I contacted you on a sunday afternoon and you replied within 2 hours. Because of you my robot is setup and running smoothly on the downstairs pc all day.

It's really fun to sit and watch the trades as they progress, kind of futuristic!

If only there were some way to keep my kids from closing the program.

I have 4 money trades all winners for a total of four hundred big ones.

Portia Dishon
From: dishon.portia@*****.com
To: Don Steinitz

I’ve been using this system now for 5 weeks, and it’s brilliant. Exactly what I have been looking for! You see so many BS products out there, but I really believe I’ve hit gold with this one.

Joel Liardet
From: ashestoashes@***.com
To: Don Steinitz


Do you actually check these emails yourself?i bet not considering how popular your softwar eis. on the off chance that you do i want to send a shout out to thank you for the 3 great bots i am currently running. please forward this email to anyone as proof of what your site can do! ive got the VCSR, HAS Hedge, and the manual indi running on the same account.

the 2 bots do the work while i am away. when i can i trade the manual system. so far ive got 97% profit trades and a overall month after month balance increase of nearly 40%. statement from this month so far is attached.

Randolph Grewell
From: rando678@*****.com
To: Don Steinitz

Hey there! It’s been a 2 days since I purchased the Volatility Channel Robot system. Since then I have had the best results ever received since I started trading in the Forex market. I was a little scared, well apprehensive using the Forex robot at first but I had heard many great things about it so I decided to give it a go. I was a little confused at first, since its the first robot I have used but after doing one of their webinars I was set up and ready to go. By the end of the first day trading I had profited $324.89, that’s actual profit after investment.

Xiang Kao
From: Tan298@********.com
To: Don Steinitz

Mr. Don i am wiring additional money over for the purchase of 1) pterodactyl robot and 2) 4 webinars on the has system, SAR is doing well for two months now i saw a small loss the first month. smooth sailing hopefully from here out. you can reply to this address with links if you need to a for the downloads.

Matthew Hutton
From: Sellwood@*******.com
To: Don Steinitz

Yo DON!!! Let's get down to it. I just want to say thanks for the great SAR robot recomendation this thing is picking up pips like they are hitch hikers on a freeway. Its completely different than the has but thats a good thing.

I get nervous everytime i see drawdown even though i know not to sweat it!!

this bot is walkin the walkin trying to seal the deal on a 935$ trade ATM. Hopefully things go my way cuz this is too much for me to watch! i should really go watch tv or something... anyways thanks again you are the man as always!!!!


Stephanie D. Sewell
From: sewellmd@*****.com
To: Don Steinitz

Mr. Don Steinitz:

Hello and good evening! Just last nite I was outside in this wonderful May weather we are having and the whole time my robot was pulling in money for my account. This is a wondeful tool and I'm so happy with my purchase! I was telling my husband he should start getting involved with another one of your robots so we can double our returns. I'm going to put our future kids through college with this, I swear! I've been thinking of doing the Fractal Indicator system on your website but I don't know if I have the time. Do you think 3-4 hours a day is enough to trade that to its fullest?

The SAR Robot alone is working wonderfully though. I've got so many profitable green trades I can hardly count them! Last week it closed a trade for nearly 600 dollars in profit. I get so excited when I see open trades above $100 on my account activity window! Go SAR go! That is not only amazing it is incredible and I have no one but you to thank. Please don't ever stop making new robots.

Have a wonderful evening and an even better tomorrow!

Dominic Minardi
From: domdomminardi@*******.com
To: Don Steinitz

Hi Don,
In just 2 months the Volititly robot has made me $6,756 on complete autopilot (and I didn’t even have it running all that time!). I simply can’t believe you’re making this robot available to anyone. Seriously, are you kidding me?! This automated robot is just too good to let just any one have access to it. It has been the most profitable investment I have ever made by far, and I can’t wait to roll it out on a much larger scale.

T.C. Hamilton
From: brownsuggar@*******.com
To: Don Steinitz

LOL! With your instructions I figured out how to export my account statement and have attached it so you can post it on your website. For some background info I am running both the Volatility Chanel Robot and the custom indicator system on the same account. I have not had much time to trade manually with the indicator so the majority of these trades are from the "VC robot". Can't believe I am up almost 25% of my original account balance of $4000 in less than 2 weeks. I'm thinking of selling some backup stocks that haven't been gaining anything for a long time and putting the money into this account so I can increase my trade sizes for even bigger profits. Do you think this performance is typical or should I wait and see.

Do you know how many robots I can run on the same account?

Also, do all your robots perform this well or does it fluctuate month to month?

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